Raw data is essential for all types of business, eCommerce in particular, but it’s hard to tell what really matters. Website traffic on Google Analytics? Fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter? How do they relate (if at all) to sales, and what kind of campaigns are best for reaching them? Disparate data is interesting, but seeing a high-level overview of how all that data relates is far more useful and helpful.

SumAll is a newer data analytics tool, currently free in beta. It has built-in integrations with several tools that we use every day: Stripe, Authorize.net, Google Analytics, Shopify, BigCommerce, Facebook and Twitter. That means that with only a few steps, many of our clients are able to connect those services, then overlay sales and eCommerce data with their advertising, organic search and social media campaigns to see exactly what’s working and where to focus resources.

Revenue comparison screen

The ability to overlay so many different types of data helps you make sense of patterns, make projections, see how different campaigns affect sales and take action based on your own data.

Social activity and revenue