We’re constantly evaluating content management and eCommerce systems, and Squarespace is one we’ve admired for a while. The system offers great mobile tools, an easy management interface and a very clean template structure. Now there’s one more reason to consider it: eCommerce. There’s now a suite of commerce tools for selling products and services built right in.

Add product tool

Squarespace’s advantages:

  1. Tight integration and a complete toolset
  2. Solid responsive (desktop + mobile) base templates
  3. Well-designed framework, which helps with search engine rankings
  4. Pricing from $8-30 per month, with hosting included


  1. Difficult to switch if you don’t like the services built in
  2. All your eggs in one basket: one company, one host, etc.
  3. Not ideal for businesses with lots of products

We recommend all-in-one options like Squarespace for smaller or new businesses that don’t need to integrate their site into lots of existing systems.

Small manufacturers, professional service firms and the trades are ideal Squarespace clients.

Mobile tools available with Squarespace

Our philosophy
Fertile Minds is platform-agnostic, meaning we don’t push clients toward our own proprietary systems or a particular tool. We evaluate the very best tools available and recommend what we think will work well. There are some that we use often, WordPress and Campaign Monitor are two examples, but we never try to shoehorn a project into a system because it’s convenient for us.

When we’re evaluating which system to recommend for a client, we consider a number of elements:
– your goals and requirements for the new site
– existing systems in place, like point of sale or order management tools
– business rules and needs (wineries with complex shipping rules, for example)
– if the software is self-hosted or purchased as a service
– the amount of customization required to fulfill the requirements

The most important consideration is always how it works and looks for you and your clients.

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