The WordPress 5 release date is fast approaching! On November 19th, WordPress is expected to release a major update to the platform. The biggest change includes an overhaul to the back-end editing experience with the addition of the new Gutenberg editor. 

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a take on a new visual editor for WordPress. The current editor requires a lot of shortcodes and html knowledge to get things looking nice. Gutenberg aims to make this easier, especially for those who are new to WordPress. Rather than having one big field where all the content for a page lives, Gutenberg is embracing the concept of “blocks”. So you can add a text block, and then a quote block, more text, then maybe an image gallery– the order and possibilities are endless! The idea is to make the process of building pages simpler by allowing you to create custom layouts on the fly. Our team at Fertile Minds is ecstatic about what the future with Gutenberg will hold.

New Editing experience – No Button Bar Required


Content entered in easy to find and use blocks


What does this mean for me?

The new Gutenberg editor may not be compatible with your site’s existing theme, so you will want to be sure that is tested prior to applying the WordPress 5 update. Please be aware that some hosts will automatically update your website within so many days after the update is released, so it’s important to get a jump on this.

On our maintenance plan?

We’ve got you covered! This week we’ll be installing a plugin that will force your website to continue using the legacy “classic editor. This way we can be sure nothing will break when the update is applied. Once the update is released next week we’ll also spin up a development environment for your website to thoroughly test the update and determine if your site may be compatible with the new editor, before we apply the update to your live site. In other words, sit back, relax, and let us worry about it for you.

Not part of our maintenance plan yet?

Not a problem! Feel free to contact us at or 707-732-9540. We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate for testing the compatibility of the update with your website, and create a fallback plan if needed. Also, ask us about our maintenance plan!

Thinking about refreshing your website for 2019?

All of our new WordPress websites will come equipped with the improved Gutenberg editing experience. We’d love to talk to you about your plans! Give us a call at 707-732-9540 or shoot us an email at